UNDINE (2020)

  • Romance, Drama
  • 1h 30m

Sunday, October 18 at 10:00am
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Undine works as a historian and tour guide lecturing on Berlin’s urban development. As the film begins, Johannes, the man she loves, has announced that he’s leaving her. Sitting in a café, Undine pleads with him to stay. “If you leave,” she says, “you have to die.” In Greek mythology, Undine is a water nymph who becomes human when she falls in love with a man, but is fated to die if he is unfaithful to her. The ancient myth has determined what must now happen. Undine has to kill the man who betrayed her and return to the water. Still shaken by her lover’s departure, Undine meets industrial underwater diver, Christoph. There’s an instant and passionate attraction between the two, cemented by their deep connection to water and sea creatures. The masterful German director Christian Petzold (Transit) has created a modern suspense-filled ethereal drama, based on an age-old mythical tale. Paula Beer won the Best Actress prize at this year’s Berlin Film Festival for her portrayal of the otherworldly Undine.

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