• Documentary, Music
  • 1h 23m

Friday, October 16 at 10:00am
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STRINGS ATTACHED delves into the lives, on and off stage, of four superb musicians who give up the prospect of solo careers to form the Dover Quartet. We witness as they “break through,” winning the most prestigious international string quartet competition and find themselves suddenly in demand around the world. As they achieve success and realize their dreams, they grapple with what this means for their future. Will the endless days and nights on the road, the cheap hotels, the slim pay and the internal conflicts overwhelm their love of the music? Or will the music win? Local Washington, D.C. Director, Bruce Broder, traveled with the Dover Quartet for over a year – the result is a very personal look at the challenges these four musicians faced as they set aside their solo careers for the group endeavor of a String Quartet – and aspire to bring new audiences to classical music on the strength and vitality of their immense talent. (Documentary, 81 minutes)

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