• Comedy, Fantasy
  • 1h 35m

Thurs, Oct. 15 9:15 pm Salamander Resort Grand Lawn & Drive-In

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It’s hard to resist a British comedy featuring Dame Judi Dench – and Blithe Spirit is no exception. Dench plays a spiritualist medium named Madame Arcati, who’s enlisted to conduct a séance by Charles (Dan Stevens), a crime novelist suffering from a severe case of writer’s block on his overdue screenplay. But things go terribly awry when Madame Arcati attempts to evoke her magical power. Instead of helping Charles, she accidentally summons the spirit of his late wife, Elvira (Leslie Mann), who died 5 years prior in a tragic accident. Not surprisingly, the return of Elvira (who is only visible to Charles) doesn’t go over well with his controlling, current wife, Ruth (Isla Fisher). What ensues is a hilarious love triangle, with both wives doing their best to sabotage the other. Directed by Edward Hall (Downton Abbey) and based on the play by Noel Coward, which he penned in 1941 as a wartime diversion. This latest Blithe Spirit production is a highly entertaining and much welcome distraction in 2020.