• Romance, Drama
  • 1h 57m

Sat, Oct. 17: Salamander Resort Grand Lawn & Drive-in 9:15 pm

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Mary Anning (Kate Winslet) spends her days combing the desolate, rocky beaches of Lyme Regis, along the Southern English coastline. A self-trained paleontologist, Mary was once renowned for her discoveries, housed in the British Museum. Now largely forgotten, she supports herself and her sickly, widowed mother by selling common fossils to tourists. It’s the 1840’s, and science is still a man’s world. Mary’s solitary existence is interrupted when a wealthy visitor asks her to look after his young wife, Charlotte (Saiorse Ronan), who is consumed by grief from a personal tragedy. Mary’s embittered facade begins to crack as she begrudgingly nurses Charlotte back to health. The companionship the two lonely women find in one another soon becomes an all-consuming, passionate love affair, infusing both with new-found strength and purpose to their lives. Directed by Francis Lee (God’s Own Country) and featuring exceptional performances by both Winslet and Ronan, Ammonite is already being hailed as an Oscar contender.